• August 23, 2010

    Mineral water of Jermuk
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    Jermuk gained popularity thanks to high quality mineral water. It has uklekislo-soda – Glauber’s chemical content of hydrocarbon, sulfate-sodium ions, which closely approximates it to the known sources of water Shprudel Czech spa town of Karlovy Vary.

    Mineral water Jermuk are complicated class. High-temperature water, the content of carbon dioxide, bicarbonate, sulfate, chloride, sodium, potassium, calcium, fluorine, bromine, magnesium.

    Jermuk mineral water used for drinking and bathing, have a therapeutic effect in diseases of the digestive system, liver, metabolic, nervous system, as well as for gynecological illnesses and locomotor system.

    Stocks waters Jermuk huge: there are about 40 sources, some of which flowing well. Their daily output reaches 2 million liters. Water temperature is 57-64 degrees. Local people from ancient times knew about the healing properties of mineral waters and used them for the benefit of themselves.

    High curative effect were also landscape-climatic conditions of the resort and its environs. The city is situated on a flat plateau, covered with emerald green meadows. On the eastern side it breaks the gorge of the Arpa River, in which the 70-meter-high waterfall crashes down one of its right tributaries.

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