• August 26, 2010

    Resort in Sevan
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    Lake Sevan

    Lake Sevan, one of the largest alpine lakes in Europe and Asia, is at the heart of the Armenian highlands, at an altitude of 1914 meters. At length, from north-west to south-east, the lake stretches over 70 kilometers, and its water surface area reaches almost 1500 square kilometers. For many millennia, in a gigantic stone bowl Sevan had accumulated 58.5 billion cubic meters of water. Twenty-eight rivers flow into the lake, and flows out of it, only one Zanga river that carries even more, glorified by poets name – Razdan

    Background. Sevan – the city (until 1961 – p) republican subordination, the center of Sevan region of Armenia. Located on the northwestern shore of the lake. Sevan. Node highways.Railway station 63 km from Yerevan. 14,4 thousand inhabitants (1975). Plants: actuators, elektrostekloizolyatsii, tobacco-fermentation, etc. Industrial and Technological College.

    Beach holidays in Armenia – is first and foremost, the coast’s most famous and largest of the highland lakes – Sevan (it is located at an altitude of 1896 m). Today is a beautiful resort with hotels, motels, boarding houses, chalets and restaurants for tourists with different levels of financial capability. Sevan is beautiful at any time of year and in any weather, but especially in demand this spa is, of course, in the summer.

    Lake Sevan volcanic origin. The landscape of this area differs especially attractive. Delight the eye with mountain steppes, gradually passing into alpine meadows and mountain forests, snow-capped mountains. Lake is divided into small (small Sevan) and large (more than Sevan) parts.In the Small Sevan depth reaches 98.7 m in the Grand Lake Sevan – 58,7 m into the lake 28 rivers, and follows only 1 – Razdan. Water surface has a wonderful sky-blue color, and transparency of the water reaches 11 m. The water temperature in the lake in summer from 17 to 24 C.